June Newsletter 06/01/20

Greetings folks- I & all my various band members hope and pray that each & every one of you are safe & okay & have gotten through this pandemic with a minimum of physical, emotional, financial, & existential difficulties, trauma, & ennui. We have obviously been in a holding pattern with all shows cancelled so far, except for our intermittent live streams on facebook. Thanks to all who tuned in to our Peach Project live stream last Sunday- we had over 2,000 views- It was very cool and a bit surreal to play knowing there were so many folks out there in cyberspace listening. It looks like things are opening up now, & both audience & band can't wait to get going again, and have that communal, dionysian celebration of music together- it's an anthropological imperative wired into our DNA. Hoping in a couple weeks we'll get going with some outdoor stuff!. Stay tuned- we will be sending out a schedule very soon! Meanwhile- I am available for your socially distanced backyard party, neighborhood cul-de-sac mini-fest You can email to this website. I am also teaching on line via zoom & other conferencing platforms. So everybody stay safe and we will see you SOON!!!

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