Ray Longchamp


Vincent Manzo began playing guitar around his 16th birthday. He began taking lessons, learned the fret board and started playing in local bands before the age of 18. Vin was influenced early on by the styles of Gerry Garcia, Dickie Betts, Duane Allman, and Mark Knopfler.

His all-encompassing passion for music led him to major in music theory at Rutgers University where he studied with renowned jazz professor Dr. Ted Dunbar.

Vinny soon discovered that a guitarist with a confident compelling voice could easily get more paying gigs. He therefore began playing more gigs at restaurants, pubs and small clubs which led to increasing both his repertoire and additional opportunities.



Vinnie Manzo

As Vinny's improvisational chops matured over the years he began to seek out more collaborative efforts with other players and within various bands. The Reckoning Band gave Vinny the forum to explore several of his strengths like rhythm and lead guitar mixed with lead and backup vocal harmonies. Vin soon paired up with Ray for a few sessions and they never looked back...their playing acompanied by the balanced harmonies of their voices truly compliments one another while performing. Vin and Ray enjoy the intuitive vocal and instrumental interplay they share while trading riffs, writing songs and recording music collaboritevely for all to listen to, share with friends and enjoy.




Tom Hammer's keyboard and production skills are constantly in high demand. He has worked and written for artists such as Cindy Lauper, toured with The Family Stand, and done extensive music and video composition and productions for ESPN. The ABB classic Brothers and Sisters, which prominently featured Chuck Leavell, was a significant early influence and inspiration to Tom.











Drummer Frank Colonnato comes from a deep jazz background.  He studied early on with some major jazz luminaries and later wrote instructional books that are still used wordwide.  Early heroes were (are) Steve Gadd and Tony Williams.  Bringing his style to the improvisational jazz-rock-blues mix that comprises a wide spectrum of genres has been a rewarding creative drumming journey. Frank is currently the proprietor of the Long Island Drum Company in Nyack N.Y.











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